I grew up in a small town in Connecticut with a very eclectic and diverse community.

I love a small town feel and knowing that something is handmade with an artful flair. I come from a long line of creative people, so when I started working in metal the inventive spirit came naturally.

I credit my passion for making jewelry to my high school art teacher.

From there I worked and apprenticed at a local jewelry store for many years, learning and exploring the direction I wanted to take my craft in.

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I work from my studio at home in Hadlyme and I have a store-front in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. My jewelry combines high quality craftsmanship with custom design and brings new life to old pieces in a style that I call ‘metamorphic design’.

What is metamorphic design? It is a process that takes the remnants of old or broken jewelry, melts them down and reforms them. I like to see how far I can work the metal to create new and artful jewelry.

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